Samsung Galaxy S III Images Are Online

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: April 23, 2012 at 12:50 pm

Last week, a site called "" got images to the next Galaxy S device, specifically the Samsung model number "GT-i9300". The blog no longer has the images or content available online, but Engadget was able to get copies of the images which you can see above and below. The images clearly show the model number "GT-i9300", along with the Android version 4.0.3 ICS installed and running.

Whether this is in fact the actual Galaxy S III we will see announced May 3rd in London is another story, as Samsung is known to have many model numbers for the same family of devices. The Galaxy S II is a prime example of that. Some of the models have less specs, while others are with added features such as 4G/LTE connection bands. Regardless, this model shown is cited as being within the next Galaxy S III line of devices, but the casing seems to be similar to previous devices. "What about the unibody ceramic casing we heard about?" you may ask. Well, apparently Samsung may be ahead of the game, and put a fake casing around the guts of the device we see here to ensure that the REAL casing is unveiled only at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event, and not leaked online beforehand.

Well played Samsung...well played.

Source - Engadget


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