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Wilson Ramos Makes Rookie History (Maybe?)

Author: Matt Sussman
Published: May 03, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Wilson Ramos / APAt this rate, Joe Mauer can stay "week to week" as long as he wants. Maybe even go on the disabled list.

His replacement, Venezuelan rookie Wilson Ramos, donned Mauer's catching gear once he was called up to take Pat Neshek's spot on the roster, who — you'll never believe this — is back on the disabled list. The No. 2 prospect in the Twins farm system has done just fine so far.

After splashing onto the scene with four hits in his MLB debut on Sunday, joining a smattering of legends and has-beens to do so in their first game, he followed that up with a 3-for-4 showing Monday night.

With this hot start, Ramos might have become the first player — as far as I can tell while using Baseball-Reference's tools for free — to record seven hits in his first nine at bats. Only one dude has ever had that many hits in their first two games, and I think we all remember the first time it happened.

In 1933, 19-year-old Washington Senators third baseman Cecil Travis followed up his five-hit debut with two more base knocks in his second game, starting off 7-for-10. (Play-by-play information is scarce from the Great Depression, so it's possible the "7-for" preceded the "for-10." Hence the "maybe.")

The Senators, mind you, became the Minnesota Twins. So Ramos also, in the process, broke-or-maybe-tied a franchise record that I'm sure most resident statisticians knew existed.

If Ramos continues to smack the baseball all over Target Field, the Twins may want to contemplate trading that hack Joe Mauer and his bloated contract.


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