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Hilary Rosen Was Right

Author: Mrs. Smeej
Published: April 17, 2012 at 4:33 pm


You'd think she'd been spitting in the holy well with all of the negative coverage Hilary Rosen has been getting on FOX News lately. Ms. Rosen is the Democratic strategist who stands accused of attacking motherhood after her remark that Ann Romney had "never worked a day in her life." Actually, all she did was tell the truth;

Here's a piece of heresy; Ms. Rosen wasn't wrong.
'though Ann Romney's lovely and I'm sure we'd get along
She's not in the workplace trying hard to earn a check.
If she were I promise, with 5 kids, she'd be a wreck.

I think what Ms. Rosen meant (though it was poorly phrased)
Was that Ann is fortunate; she never said she'd lazed
Round about the many homes the Romneys seem to own.
Seems to me this controversy's been way overblown.

Speaking as a mom at home who's earned a check before
Can I be the only one who's jaw has hit the floor
At the way that FOX has turned an innocent remark
Into such a firestorm from such a little spark?

Where's the phony outrage for rescinding equal pay?
Ultra-sounds and birth control and health care gone away?
Pretty sure that moms with staff are safe; although I doubt
FOX News even knows what average women care about.

The Republican party and their allies over at FOX have taken this story and run with it. President Obama and the First Lady made sure to distance themselves from any perceived attacks on motherhood - "the hardest job in the world". Having held a variety of other jobs before my current one of stay-at-home Mom, I can only conclude that I must be doing this wrong.


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