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Find Your Way Back to Good Health

Author: Rachael Pontillo
Published: December 15, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Times are a-changing. Our society started off eating home-cooked meals prepared with real foods (meaning foods that do not come pre-made in a box or plastic container of some kind), and then eventually shifted into a society that eats primarily packaged, processed, and fast foods. This happened for a lot of reasons…social, economical, etc…

One word really sums it all up: CONVENIENCE.

However, consuming these convenient “foods” has had serious consequences on the overall health of Americans. Americans are more overweight, have more chronic illnesses, and take more medications than ever before. What people need to understand though is that money and time are not being saved by purchasing and consuming these processed foods. That money is now being spent on higher health insurance premiums, co-pays, and prescription/OTC drugs; and the time is being spent in germ-infested waiting rooms, cold exam rooms (usually while wearing only a fabulous paper napkin or sheet), and on line at the pharmacy while cranky people ahead of you argue with the tech about why their insurance won’t cover their medications. Not to mention the costs of weight loss products and gym memberships that people spend huge amounts of money on so they can still eat their convenient “foods” but still have great bodies. That doesn't seem to really be working out well, now does it?

People often complain about how they eat these processed foods because real, healthy, and organic foods cost so much more and take so much more time to prepare. I really only have one word to respond to that: PRIORITIES. Imagine how much money you would have if you didn’t have to go to the doctor or buy prescriptions as often. Imagine not having to shell out a monthly fee to a weight loss company or buy special food and still lose the weight you want to lose. I won’t tell you to give up the gym membership because exercise is important for everybody regardless of weight or health…but maybe you will get the results you want sooner and without as many expensive personal training sessions. Take that money and use it to buy real food, and use the extra to buy some cookbooks, hire a health coach, or take some cooking classes.

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